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2nd Fujikura-LUSTER Optical Fiber Laser and Sensor Technology Seminar Was Held Successfully

Aug 18, 2017

The Second Fujikura-LUSTER Optical Fiber Laser and Sensor Application Technology Exchange - Beijing was successfully held at Knowledge & Reason Building of LUSTER LightTech Group on August 18, 2017 (Friday). Dr. Zheng Wenxin, the development director of Fujikura AFL special welding products, Mr. Li Shen, the sales manager of Fujikura China, Mr. Wang Wentao, the marketing VP of LUSTER Group, Mr. Li Bai, the deputy general manager of LUSTER optical fiber devices, Ms. Cheng Wenjing, the director of LUSTER optical fiber laser industry, and Jin Chaoyong and Chen Dexi, the senior customer service managers of LUSTER were invited to bring a feast for fiber splicing technology. The exchange attracted nearly one hundred experts and scholars to share their knowledge and experience.

(Group Photo of Participants at the Front of Knowledge & Reason Building)

Mr. Wang Wentao addressed a speech to welcome the experts at the beginning of the exchange, and introduced the 21-year development route of LUSTER and the 12-year strategic cooperation history of Fujikura and LUSTER; Later on, Mr. Li Shen further introduced Fujikura in combination with the business direction and major products. The participants represented that the significance of strategic cooperation between Fujikura and LUSTER was great, and looked to further increase of the future development of Fujikura and LUSTER.


(Mr. Vincent Wang,  Mr. Li Shen)

Ms. Cheng Wenjing and Mr. Li Bai shared the industry vision, industry market and application, industry solutions and future development direction of the optical fiber laser, and optical fiber sensor industry.


(Ms. Mandy Cheng, Mr. Li Bai) 

Dr. Zheng Wenxin, the specially invited guest, still wonderfully shared the CO2 welding machine theory and LZM100/110 through conference telephone, even he was at abroad, including exploration and comparison of diffuser selected for the welding machine, application direction of CO2 welding machine, welding case display of CO2 welding machine, etc., he solved the questions one by one at the following Q&A exchange link, and the atmosphere at the site was active.


(Dr. Zheng Wenxin brilliant share)

Jin Chaoyong and Chen Dexi, the senior customer service managers of LUSTER, introduced ultrafast optical fiber laser technology and ultra-high reliability special fiber splicing technology respectively, and detailed multiple aspects, such as demand development background, technology analysis and technical difficulty exploration, and the participants were absorbed in the wonderful report and sighed the time went too fast.


(Jin Chaoyong and Chen Dexi, LUSTER Senior Customer Service Managers)

The exchange started the equipment using communication link that the participants cared in the afternoon. Firstly, Mr. Jin Chaoyong explained the functions and features of optical fiber processing software (FPS), introduced the key points and general problem handling methods through a great deal of actual cases. Later on, Mr. Chen Dexi shared the maintenance methods for common problems of fiber splicing processing equipment, and mainly covered the problems and solutions in use of common equipment during the fiber splicing welding processing. The two customer service managers brought wonderful explanations based on the equipment use and maintenance experience for many years, enjoying much praise from the participants.


(Interactive Q&A Session about Equipment Use)

LUSTER LightTech Group carefully prepared welding technology training test, and granted training certificates to the exchange training participant guests. The training test gathered many superior participants, and the exchange granted delicate gifts to the guests with excellent performance, making another upsurge.


(Training Test on Site)

At final, Mr. Wang Wentao gave the acknowledgement, and made a bow and thanks to the participant expert and guests with the whole working staff crew.

(Mr. Vincent Want and Mr. Shen Li with LUSTER Staff Crew)

The Second Fujikura-LUSTER Optical Fiber Laser and Sensor Application Technology Exchange - Beijing lasting one day completely ended in the happy music and people's longing for more. LUSTER LightTech Group appreciated the presence of all experts and scholars.