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Home Network Connection

LUSTER Teraband home network solution is mainly applied for the scenario with coaxial cable resource in the house. Based on MoCA2.0/2.1/2.5 technology, this solution can provide up to 2.5Gbps bandwidth through the whole network. Taking advantage of the Wi-Fi extender technology, it can realize the seamless Wi-Fi switch without re-login or re-authentication. It can provide voice, video and data services. Comparing with other home network solutions, it runs at the high frequency, guarantee the network reliability.


  • Up to 2.5Gbps bandwidth through the whole network

  • Taking use of existing coaxial cable resource, cost effective

  • Huge broadcasting bandwidth supports more 4K or 8K channels

  • Low time delay (< 4ms)

  • Running at high frequency (1125~1675MHz), able to work together with DOCSIS 3.1

  • Wi-Fi extender, no re-login or re-authentication needed

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