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TBE8000-10 Series EPON/10G EPON OLT

LUSTER Teraband TBE8000-10 series EPON/10G EPON OLT is the new-generation optical access platform with large capacity for Cable and Telecom ISPs. It has strong routing switch function and large bandwidth, can be applied in all the FTTx scenarios.


Platform share: EPON and 10G EPON share the same platform rack;

High capacity: 8 PON slots, 128 EPON ports or 64 10G EPON ports;

High performance:

L2/L3/L4 wire speed switching capacity;

Up to 3.96Tbps max backboard bandwidth;

Up to 960Gbps total switching capacity;

Reliability: 1+1 backup, support VRRP, STP, LACP and etc.;

Rich function: Support IPv4/IPv6, multicast, security, QoS and etc.;

SNMP available;