Thank You for Being a Part of CommunicAsia 2017

Jun 23, 2017

CommunicAsia 2017 was held in Marina Bay Sands Singapore from 23 – 25 May 2017 and focused on Borderless Broadband, Cloud & Big Data, etc. More than 1,100 exhibitors from 52 countries and regions attended it.


LUSTER Teraband released the theme report of "Fiber + Coaxial Ultra Broadband Access Network" ,mainly discussing about 10G EPON + 2.5G MoCA Access network technology and 10G & 1G EPON ONU Mixed Plan.

Particularly, MoCA Access is a spotlight, which is a new broadband access specification based on MoCA 2.5 standard. As a fiber extension technology, MoCA Access is well suited for operators and ISPs that are installing fiber-to-the-basement (FTTB) or fiber deep into the network, and want to use the existing coax for connection to each apartment or unit.

LUSTER Speaking

FTTB Solution

FTTH Solution

Besides excellent and advanced solutions, LUSTER Teraband showed a full range of A + B platform products, helping CATV operators build 99.99% reliable network.

Product Series

During CommunicAsia 2017, LUSTER Teraband sales talked to visitors from different countries about how we cooperate together to make the most of existing coaxial cable and achieve Gbit access network.

See you next year!

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