ANGA COM: LUSTER’s Home Networking Adapter Delivers 2.5 Gbps Actual Data Rates

May 29, 2019

Beijing,May 29, 2019---At ANGA COM 2019, Luster Teraband will demonstrate for the first time its fastest home networking adapter yet. Based on the MoCA Home™ 2.5 standard, it is capable of 2.5 Gbps actual data rates and is part of the company’s HomeTRAN™ product family. 

The HomeTRAN 2.5 adapter (HME5000) is intended as a backbone for a MoCA + Wi-Fi® network and uses the existing coaxial cabling in the home. If there are dead zones or slow performance areas in the home network, adding the HomeTRAN adapter offers a fast and reliable connection for devices.

For example, Wi-Fi signal attenuation/loss through thick walls can be very high, between 15dB -25dB, making HomeTRAN the ideal solution in these circumstances.

An added benefit of HomeTRAN is that the MoCA Home standard is multipoint-to-multipoint, meaning any device can communicate with any other device. Laptops, gaming consoles, modems, routers and smart TVs are just some of the devices that benefit from a connection with a HomeTRAN adapter.  

Average latency is 5 ms and typical latency is 3 ms. The frequency range is between 1125~1675 MHZ and channels can be selected based on network requirements.

HomeTRAN 2.5 is backward interoperable with MoCA Home 1.1 and 2.0.

“HomeTRAN 2.5 uses the most advanced MoCA technology, which will supportall multimedia and smart home services,” said by Dr. Zongliang Wu, Luster CTO and co-inventor of MoCA technology.

“Our MoCA+Wi-Fi home networking solution gives consumers the robustness, reliability and privacy required for applications such as 4K streaming and security monitoring

and makes it possible to connect many more devices to a home network without impacting performance,” said Vincent Wang, General Manager at Luster Teraband.