Seminar of experts first-round victory Point Grey imaging²

Feb 01, 2018

On June 9, 2015, the² appearance 25th qualityth of the print visual detection system technical requirements and testing methods, eventually the third working meeting was held in shijiazhuang. China printing and honorary President of the label printing equipment industrial association branch Tan Jun Jiao attended and delivered a speech, secretary general xiao-hong qiu speech and put forward specific requirements. From China printing and label printing equipment industrial association branch, shijiazhuang yxc barcode stickers printing co., LTD., China railway publishing house, printing and so on many experts and scholars attended the meeting. As the main drafting unit of Beijing Luster LightTech Group(hereinafter referred to as the "Luster") of this industry standards work plays a leading and positive role in promoting.

The standard is launched in April 2014, Luster to active as the standard for the main drafting unit main consideration to the current Chinese printing market demand for labels and packaging products inspection is more and more strong, according to the needs of the development of industry and enterprise's urgent request, as the leading domestic testing industry service providers we feel obliged, has the responsibility to take on the printing quality of the Chinese printing by big teams work. There are a lot of domestic printing enterprises suffer from no standards, unable to identify the quality of the product advantages and disadvantages, so Beijing lingyun negotiate with association and the national standardization technical committee of printing label, launched this job.

Current printing machines gradually to the development of highly automated, because any color print of which is composed of four primary colors, it's doomed to color printing in the printing process is divided into many working procedure. Every working procedure if positioning, mixed color, is easy to cause serious influence the printing quality, but also greatly reduces the production efficiency of the enterprise. In addition, the artificial detection and strongpoint of 100% can do real time detection, mainly has the following defects: low accuracy, subjectivity; Fatigue, low efficiency; Human detection cost high; Small negligence accident; Quality management level is low. In such cases, the printing automatic detection equipment arises at the historic moment.

Through standards, can promote the quality of industry upgrading, strengthen international competitive advantage, help enterprises to establish a standard, let the enterprise standard can be the basis and the reference, improve enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness, reduce the cost of enterprise staff input and input at the same time. Luster, is want to do something for the industry! Let China's printing industry starting point not to lag behind the foreign countries, and beyond the international competitors in the future.