Better Quality, Better 2019!

Dec 31, 2018

The New Year bell is about to ring; the luster of 2018 will shine brighter in 2019. On the behalf of LUSTER LightTech Group, we would like to thank our customers, partners, friends, our beloved colleagues and their family members for your love and support in the past year, and wish you and your family a brighter 2019.

In 2018, your love and trust have given LUSTER tremendous strength. With your support and suggestions, we have fulfilled our business commitments, and have done a hard work in 2018. We LUSTER team members always follow our direction of“ Creating high quality products and high value services is our honor to gain your trust. Only creativity can help us grow."

The 2018 is yet another key historic milestone of LUSTER LightTech Group in both cooperate governance and company organization, and also our second Year of Quality. With our great endeavor in enhancing products quality and value of customer services in 2018, we have achieved good results of 260 million US$ contract revenue, which expanded across all 8 main markets and involved all our business units including FOCI BU: Fiber Optic lasing, sensing and communications, IVS BU: printing quality inspection on, Smart Phone automatic manufacturing and display quality inspection, FOAN BU: FTTx/H access networking and coax cable home networks as well as VIC BU of Machine vision, Scientific imaging and 3D imaging and motion analysis.

Better Quality and Better 2019. In the New Year, we will firstly devote ourself to enhance the main products,even though we have achieved great improvements in last year in more than 120 big SuperTRAIN equipment, more than half a million of B platform including CableTRAN and HomeTRAN, more than 10,000 vision systems including Label, Packaging and Carton, 3C smart phone manufacturing and display inspection, bullet training and airplane vision and imaging systems for delivery. In the vision business we foresee much more demands and stringent quality standards from the worldwide leading brand label and packaging printing and smart phone customers, and we think that only fulfilling these requirments can make our customers enjoy our product in their daily work. So we firmly believe that our continuing endeavor of enhancing value and quality of our flagship products and services will bring in better customer satisfactions, gain more leading edges over our competitors and also bring in more business profit for us.

Further improvement of value and quality of FOAN business will generate better customer satisfactions for our MSO customers. In our FTTx/H business we are facing big falling down of cable fundamental TV subscription business when they are facing the unfair and tougher competition from telecom operators. But at the same time we also see the broadband subscribers catching up quickly in the past few years, and this brings the true demand of wideband FTTx/H access and home networks. We firmly believe that well prepared A+B platform,especially wide band B plat form SuperTRAN(EPON)+MoCA CableTRAN access and HomeTRAN solutions,will become popular in the coming years. The more our successful business practices in Europe MSOs like RCS & RDS and Vodafone Ziggo bring in greater confidence of FOAN business.    

Our FOCI and VIC BUs have done good works for our customers, and generate efficient business growth for the company, will continue to grow healthily with goals to continuing efforts for increasing creativities of pre and post sales solutions for our customers. Especially in some leading industries like genetics imaging, 3D optical imaging, Ultrafast and high power Fiber Optic laser manufacturing, and sensing as well as tests for ultrafast data communication for 5G communications systems in the coming years.

At the first dawn of 2019, let’s expect the new ray of luster of hope!The management team and all LUSTER people wish a good, healthy and more fruitful year of 2019 and future.

Let us enjoy better quality year in a better 2019!