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What's the main business of Luster Teraband? Can you briefly introduce your company and solutions?


Actually Luster Teraband’s main business is FTTx/H total solution provider including EDFA, G/EPON, and MoCA etc. and please find detailed introduction as below:

 Founded more than 20 years with 1,000 employees and achieved $160 million contract ($32 million in Cable TV industry) in the year 2015;

Covering 25 provinces (135 CATV companies) and over 50 million users (25% of all CATV users in China);

Whole FTTx/H accessing and home network solution and products;

EDFA can be -10dBm and -15dBm receiving;Long distance transmission can be as long as 800km;

EDFA over 10,000 pieces of shipment, FTTH Optic Receiver 250,000 in year 2015;

Long term of 99.99% reliability design and large shipment makes reliable and cost-effective products and solution.


What is the advantage of your EDFA product and compared to other vendor how about the cost of your product?


Luster Teraband is one of the top EDFA vendors in China and EDFA products are widely used all over China in more than 25 provinces.

Basic features and advantages are listed as below: 

-10~10 and -15~+4dBm input power range, make sure the signal not broken down when input drops;

 -4~+0.5dB adjust range based on defined output, accommodate field application;

Dual redundancy hot-plugable power module AC/DC optional, support field replacement;

SNMP remote control and monitoring;

Non-FAN cooling design, eliminating potential failure point of FAN;

World leading Brand Pump laser (JDSU/Ⅱ-Ⅶ), 10k shipment in 2015;

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