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    LTRANTM series optical transmission equipment is designed to build and develop FTTB and FTTH network for CATV operators and mainly used in building backbone of cable network, MAN and distribution network.

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    MTRANTM 2000 is the new generation of high performance 1550nm optical transmission platform, consisting of 16 modules with plugging function and standard 4U height dimension.

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  • HomeTRANTM

    MoCA technology is the fastest and most reliable home networking technology available. Teraband HomeTRANTM series product MoCA 2.0 mainly uses coaxial dielectric at home to build high-speed (400Mbps) and reliable Ethernet home network to support the development of video, data and voice service by connecting home terminals.

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  • CableTRANTM

    Teraband CableTRANTM series c.LINK product, builds high-quality coaxial access network with high bandwidth (50-100Mbps) and low time delay (5ms), which is mainly used in the EPON+EOC network structure, with the optical node covering 50-100 users.

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  • SuperTRANTM

    SuperTRANTM series products focus on FTTx solutions in radio and television industry, adopt EPON technology, include OLT and multi-service terminal.

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  • HiveNMS Hive Network Management System

    HiveNMS Hive Network Management System V3.0 product is used to manage FTTx/H equipment in network, targeting CATV FTTx/H network. It summarizes and analyzes equipment management information and provides FTTx/H network with management supports.

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  • Design and Implement 99.99% Availability FTTx/H CATV Network

    This article analyzes the service demand and key method to improve CATV network reliability, and network availability influence factors and network construction model.

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  • (EPON + c.LINK) FTTB Solution

    Based on the demand of two-way network reformation of coaxial users, we propose 1550 + EPON + c.LINK solution to fulfill users’ requirement of service for now and in the future. It supports broadband access, VOD, IPTV and voice service to attract users by service bundling.

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  • FTTH Access Network Solution

    FTTH three waves with two fibers solution is the most advanced, highly reliable and once-for-all solution. Undeniably, FTTH solution has the same purpose with last one kilometer of access network.

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