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1550nm TV Backbone Solution

The solution is idea for Cable TV broadcasting for city backbone, city to town transmission, has advantages of cost-effective, easy expansion, no edge modulation needed to connect to local HFC broadcast network.

With low power driving EDFA, dispersion compensation design and key parameter of system design, redundancy design and network management system, LUSTER is experienced in designing and building the TV backbone transmission to customers’ specific network topology, delivering 99.99% availability turnkey projects.

Over 50 systems are operating in the field with 800km digital TV transmission and 250km analog TV transmission realized.


  • Completely passive for the whole outdoor transmission guarantees the reliability

  • Low device cost providing large bandwidth (Up to 1Gbps)

  • Huge broadcasting bandwidth supports more 4K or 8K channels

  • Work friendly with former FTTB network structure

  • Easy bandwidth upgrading with active device unchanged