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LUSTER LightTech Group Attended OptiNet 2017

Jun 15, 2017

The 17th Optical Network Seminar and FTTH Forum of China was grandly held in Beijing Sheraton Hotel on June 13-14, 2017. As an annual major technology exchange platform in optical communication field, it collected many inside elites in Beijing to study the latest developing trend and facing problems of the optical communication.

(The Forum at The Scene) 

LUSTER LightTech Group, as a specialized technical company committed itself to the optical communication field, attended the seminar with multiple types of advanced products and solutions. Through the seminar platform, LUSTER LightTech Group showed the low cost single wave 100G solutions, it also cooperated with MultiPhy, a leading metropolitan DSP manufacturer, to promote a new generation of flexibly configured MLSE+PAM4 DSP chips, which support single wave 100G transmission and can be sued for 5G mobile front transmission; in addition, this series of chips can also support the 2x50G or 4x25G solutions, the transmission distance can reach 80km, which can be used for mobile returning transmission, and providing 5G development power in the future, enjoying and high attention from the experts and scholars.Mr. Wei Leping, the director of science and technology of China Telecommunications Corporation, visited LUSTER's booth and stopped for a long time; Mr. Wang Wentao, the vice president of LUSTER LightTech Group detailed the low cost single-wave 100G solution.

(Mr. Vincent Wang, the Vice President of LUSTER LightTech Group Illustrating the Low Cost Single-wave 100G Solution)

Special DBS patent technology is adopted for the matrix optical switch developed by Polatis America, which features comprehensively leading technical index, typical 1-1.5dB low consumption, high inflection, high crosstalk, dark optical fiber connection and multimode optical fiber connection supports; it also has high reliability, good vibration resistance and long-term high reliability and it is free from mobile component. The matrix is flexible and supports the number of matrix from 4x4, 8x8 ... 320x320 and 384x384, and can provide CC series for flexible port configuration. It shows a good market prospect for application of plenoptic exchange in the optical network and data center, and in the meanwhile, it can widely apply to the automatic testing and measurement, microwave photonics, 5G mobile returning transmission and other circumstances.

(Debut of New Products)

Huang Minsheng, the deputy general manager and director of telecommunications industry of LUSTER LightTech Group received a media interview at the site, and introduced LUSTER's growth and long term layout in the field of telecommunications. Mr. Huang held that LUSTER insisted super-speed, large capacity and low cost optical module and plenoptic exchange would also be the trend of telecommunications, and LUSTER would pay constant effort to promote the products and solutions representing MultiPhy and Polatis, making contributions to the development of telecommunications.

(Mr. Manson Huang at the Interview)

LUSTER optical fiber devices and instruments division committed itself to becoming a provider of advanced high-end products and solutions in the field of optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensor and optical fiber laser, as well as the continuing leader for the next generation of technology and application promotion. Adhering to the customer value orientation and technical innovation for 21 years, the company provides advanced series of products and high-level technical services. It would be the optical, strategic, reliable and honorable selection for the customers through endeavor.