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  • Fujikura Service Center For Fiber Fusion Splicer

    01 Aug,2016

    We can not only provide the more perfect service and support for the Fiber Fusion Splicer of Fujikura’s customers , but also can promote the Fiber Fusion Splicer’s continuous improvement. We devote to encourage the development of China optical communication, fiber laser and optical sensing industry.

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  • NKT Photonics Service Center For Fiber Laser

    12 Aug,2016

    By providing local and professional fiber laser technology service to Chinese customers creating more worth value for customers. Drive the development of technology and application of supercontinuum laser and single frequency DFB fiber laser from NKT Photonics in China.

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  • SHF Ultra-high Speed T&M Lab

    01 Aug,2016

    Continuously promote Chinese optical communication industry development on account of SHF Ultra-high speed and photonics’ advanced technology.
    We’d like to provide the best test environment, on the basis of the Ultra-high Speed T&M lab platform, to create more worth value for customers.

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  • VPI Simulation Software Training Center

    01 Aug,2016

    Pushing VPI photonics’ software for photonic design automation (PDA) popularization in China, continuously promoting Chinese optical communication industry development;
    By offer better and more professional software training, simulation design and technology support service to customers creating more worth value for customers.

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