EAGLE F Series Film AOI


The EAGLE F Series Film AOI is able to inspect the black film and brown film at the same time. Based on CAM file and DRC principle, the system delivers high accuracy and efficiency for the inspection of open and short circuit, nick, protrusion, pin hole, L/S violation, copper island, extra and missing features and also some special defects on the film depending on IPC standard. Additionally, the Eagle F Film AOI offers 2D measurements, SPC defect statistical analysis etc..

Main Features

1.  Precise: Up to 5μm of optical resolution, the Eagle F Film AOI can effectively inspect down to 10μm's micro defects such as open and short circuit, nick, protrusion, pin hole and L/S violation etc..

2.  Reliable: Effectively inspects films in 26"×31"(660mm×780mm)and of minimum 2mil line width/space. Superior detection accuracy and 100% key defects inspection, The Eagle F Film AOI achieves less than 10% false detection rate which is industry-leading. 

3.  Efficient: Being the fastest one in the industry, it only takes 2-10 seconds to import CAM file and 40 seconds to test an 18″ x 24″ film. With fewer false alarms and shorter confirmation time, featuring a quick defect-browsing mode, high recognition efficiency of defect review, the Eagle H Film AOI is able to greatly improve the inspection efficiency. 

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