EAGLE H Series Hole Checker


The EAGLE H Series Hole Checker is specially designed for quality inspection of drilled holes in PCB after drilling, plating, HASL and before delivery. Based on the NC Drill File or Golden Board, the system is able to inspect all sorts of defects, including extra holes, missing holes, oversized holes, undersized holes, debris and shape of circular holes, slotted holes and unconventional holes. In addition, Luster’s EAGLE H Series Hole Checker exclusively features the function of analyzing and monitoring the mean variation of each drill’s aperture so that any drilling quality accident caused by deviation of apertures can be avoided. With high precision and efficiency, it only takes 4.5 seconds to check a 650mm×650mm drilled board with only 0.1mm hole diameter and six hundred thousand holes on it. 

Main Features

1.  Precise: Based on the new algorithm of “Shape Extraction and Analysis”, The EAGLE H Series Hole Checker can effectively inspect all sorts of micro defects less than 10% of hole area. 

2.  Reliable
A.  Drilling Tool Analysis: Monitoring any change of hole diameter while checking, the system effectively prevents dislocation, break, excessive wearing of drilling tools during production.
B.  Our system enables the manufacturer to analyze all types of defects and classify them into database hence the quality management system could be established and greatly improved.
C.  100% inspection of debris (circular holes, slotted holes and unconventional holes)

3.  Efficient
A.  Being the fastest one in the industry, it can inspect down to 0.1mm diameter drilled board with a hundred thousand holes in the speed of 8m/min.
B.  Checking multiple boards simultaneously (maximum 6 boards & maximum 16m/min)

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