PackRoll-A Series Online Printing Quality Inspection


1.  Specially developed for on-press quality inspection of web materials such as plastic film, foil, tobacco packaging, tipping paper etc. to effectively prevent continuous waste, decrease waste rate and improve production efficiency.

2.  With highlight optical imaging system, high-speed image processing system, highly precise and stable platform, the PackRoll-A series can not only inspect common film and paperboard, but also effectively inspect highly-bright/highly-contrastive wide printing materials such as gold and silver paperboard, laser paperboard and stamping material.
3.  Can be installed on gravure press, flexo press and stamping machine for inline quality control. Since 2003, our systems have been successfully applied on all types of printing machine including BOBST, Cerruti, Fuji, W&H etc..
4.  Type of defects for inspection: mis-registration, color deviation, streak, missing print, dirty spot, splash, foreign objects, missing stamping etc.
5.  Web Width: 650mm, 850mm, 1050mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Main Features

1.  Max. Speed: 600m/min (vary on level of accuracy)
2.  Max. Defect Accuracy: 0.1mm² (point defect); 0.04mm×5mm (streak defect)
3.  Traceable Quality Information: By collecting and saving real-time defects data, users are able to track all historical data information in our system. In addition, it also provides data statistic analysis and quality report to help clients to improve quality management level and also prevent further defects.
4.  Easy to Use: Quick and easy to set up quality standard and finish modelling; Support for multiple inspecting areas, automatic positioning and text extraction. You don’t have to be a computer expert to master this system, just simply follow few steps on screen.
5.  Flexible Solutions: System offers total solution of Online Inspection & Offline Removing by uploading defects data to offline platform for further defects removing and replacement.

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