PackSheet-420 Sheet-fed Printing Quality Inspection


1.  Application: Pharmaceutical Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging, Food Packaging, Tobacco Packaging, Commodity Tag, Corrugated Cartons etc.

2.  Common Defects: Streak, Illegibility, Dirty Spot, Mis-registration, Colour Deviation, Miss Stamping, Improper Position of Stamping, Concave-convex, Foil Stamping Deficiency
3.  Customers can order this equipment in 420, 550, 650, 850, 1020 web width for different requirements.
4.  Specifically developed for sheet-fed printing quality inspection of highly-reflective materials like gold and silver paperboard, laser paperboard, aluminized material and stamping material.

Main Features:

1.  Precise: It can inspect point defect of minimum 0.1mm² size and streak of 0.06mm width in the speed of 180m/min.
2.  Efficient Bar Code Inspection and Classification: Code reading, code level analysis, repeated code, code mistakes, mismatch between code and number, dirty spot, broken line, elongated line, slanting bar code etc.
3.  Twin elimination entrance: There are two elimination entrances on this product to classify different types of waste for each entrance. For example, severe waste sheets could be singled out for one entrance to save the manual filtering time later on.
4.  Our integrated imaging system can be installed in different positions for 2D defects inspection, 3D defects inspection, front inspection and back inspection. Ink-jet module and folding-gluing module could be combined with our system to fulfil different production requirements. 
5.  Customer can choose either friction feeding method or suction feeding method to prevent products from scratching especially for mulching and varnishing products.
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