BNOS-2000/BNOS-4000 Offline Equipment for Banknote Offset Printing Inspection and Sample Testing

Main features

1.  The very first equipment for colour management and inspection by utilizing colourful CCD camera imaging technology. The inspection accuracy can be controlled within 3NBS.

2.  The inspection frequency is less than 5s/sheet, and the biggest inspection size is 820mm×640mm.

3.  The pixel resolution reaches 0.09mm×0.09mm, and the inspection accuracy climbs to the highest level.

4. The ink colour is controlled in the closed loop, which adjusts the amount of the ink on the offset printing, decreases the consumption of raw material, and guarantees the quality of printing products in a stable and consistent level.

5.  It can inspect colour cast, colour mixture, overprint, gauge line, phosphor pattern and defects. It could be applied in high-end anti-counterfeiting printing industry.

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