For Label Inspection

The LabelRoll series are specifically developed for printing quality inspection of daily chemical labels, pharmaceutical labels, food labels, electronic labels and other self-adhesive label printing industries. Being able to be applied on the whole label printing work flow, from setup through printing to finishing, Luster’s LabelRoll products can not only help users to avoid continuous waste and reduce cost by process quality control, but also improve quality management level and quality standard with quality reports and defects analysis. With excellent inspection performance and product reliability, more than 200 sets of our inspection systems have been successfully installed on world’s top branded flexo, letter and offset press. In addition, it is reported that 1%-2% of printed waste and average 3 labours could be reduced by applying our system.

According to different applications and customer demands, flexible solutions of online and offline inspection are offed on a wide range of printed materials with any substrate or print type.  

1.  One Stop Solution for Both Inspection and Removing 

A.  High operation speed.
B.  Specially designed for pharmaceutical labels and personal care labels with relatively low rate of defects.
C.  High work efficiency achieved with less frequent stops. The system stops only when defects occur according to the pre-set quality standard.
D.  Real-time quality reports help users judge the defects and delete the ones that beyond the quality standard.
E.  Slitting module is optional.

2. One Stop Solution with Rewinding and Removing 

A.  Designed for electronic labels with high printing quality and high defect rate.
B.  Inspection and replacement can be complete on one platform. High work efficiency achieved by LabelRoll series working without stop. Afterwards, the web is reversed by LabelRoll-Review and the defective labels can be replaced.
C.  3D inspection module is optional.

3. Solution of Online Inspection and Offline Replacement

A.  Avoiding continuous waste and reducing cost by printing process control.
B.  High work efficiency is fulfilled as the solution plays an important role in final quality check without extra rewinding.
C.  User-friendly design enables multiple filtering platforms are capable of being installed on several production lines.
D.  The servers save all quality data and provide reports for quality management.

4. Solution of Separating Inspection and Removing

A.  Inspecting and removing defected labels are separated on two equipments.

B.  This solution greatly enhance inspection efficiency by cooperating with several reviews replacing labels with defects.
C.  The central server saves defects data by counting meters and numbers of labels for following downloads on the review platform for replacement.

Common Defects

World's First 3D Defects Inspection

Defects of Foil Stamping and Holographical & Barcode and Variable Code

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