MoCA Access™ Specification Released

source : Multimedia over Coax Alliance25 Jul 2017

MoCA Access™ Specification Released

On June 14th the MoCA Access specification was released to members. This new broadband access specification uses the existing coaxial cabling and is based on the MoCA 2.5 standard providing 2.5 Gbps actual data rates.

MoCA Access co-exists with legacy services such as TV, DOCSIS, and cellular (4G/5G) technologies. The operating frequency range is 400MHz - 1675MHz. 

As a fiber extension technology, MoCA Access is well suited for operators and ISPs that are installing fiber-to-the-basement (FTTB) or fiber deep into the network, and want to use the existing coax for connection to each apartment or unit. MoCA Access also appeals to commercial integrators in market segments such as hospitality/hotels, restaurants, offices, and any other buildings wired with coax.

MoCA Access represents a new strategic direction for the Alliance as it leverages the cores strengths of the technology including high performance and reliability and use of existing wiring.

MoCA Access™ Announcement in China report

MoCA hosted a media briefing in Beijing on June 7 to announce MoCA Access. So far, MoCA has garnered 68 articles from this event.

LUSTER Joins the MoCA Board of Directors

The MoCA Board of Directors has added Luster Teraband to Promotor membership and will be given a seat on the Board. Luster, a Contributor members since 2014, has been extremely active in helping secure adoption of MoCA technology in China.

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