Recent MoCA Wi-Fi Mesh Field Tests confirm that Wi-Fi® in the home still needs a wire

source : MoCA Alliance28 Apr 2017
Created in late 2016, a special MoCA Wi-Fi mesh Taskforce consisting of Promoter and Contributor members recently concluded field tests that compared three different Wi-Fi mesh-based products in a home networking environment vs. a Wi-Fi network that used MoCA as the backhaul. The results showed a dramatic improvement in Wi-Fi performance when using MoCA 2.0 as the backhaul, compared to a Wi-Fi only backhaul. 

Wi-Fi Mesh devices used were Netgear’s Orbi, Plume and Eero which also integrate 802.11ac backhaul. Those Wi-Fi mesh products were compared with MoCA member Actiontec’s Wi-Fi extenders which integrate MoCA 2.0 Bonded backhaul. All devices used are currently available through retail channels to test products that consumers can actually purchase today. 

Per the graph below showing cumulative distribution results for TCP traffic type, MoCA 2.0 Bonded extenders delivered 800 Mbps or better downlink Wi-Fi performance in all homes. Orbi was able to achieve 300 Mbps or better in 50% of homes though some homes were capable of only 170 Mbps. Eero and Plume were unable to reach 200 Mbps at all.  (See TCP Traffic, A, in the graph below). 

Uplink traffic with Wi-Fi was also significantly greater when using MoCA technology as the backbone compared to using Orbi, Eero or Plume. 

Testing of UDP traffic showed similar improvements in performance when using MoCA technology as the wired backbone. (See UDP Traffic, B, in the graph below).

As a MoCA member, you can get a copy of the complete report here.
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