(EPON + c.LINK) FTTB Solution

With fast development of HD (1080P), UHD (4k), 3D video service and video communication service, big-screen HD and UHD TV entering families, bandwidth demand of users increases fast. Based on statistics, rate of customers increases six to ten times every six years. According to Chinese Broadband Strategy, average broadband rate of city family should be over 20M, rural family should increase to 4M and above, part of developed cities should be 100 Mbps. Fiber-instead-coaxial and FTTH are the network construction modes that can fulfill users’ demand of high bandwidth and high network availability, which is the consensus of telecom operators and radio & television operators all over the world.


Luster TeraBand has been focusing on CATV industry for 18 years, researching development of worldwide CATV service and network, and devoted to plan and build Telecom-level 99.99% high-reliability FTTB/H network for CATV operators. Based on the demand of two-way network reformation of coaxial users, we propose 1550 + EPON + c.LINK solution to fulfill users’ requirement of service for now and in the future. It supports broadband access, VOD, IPTV and voice service to attract users by service bundling.


Luster TeraBand EPON + c.LINK + MoCA Ultra-broadband Access Network and Home Network Solution

Design Principle of EPON + c.LINK1.1+ Solution

- Main Application Situation: one optical node for 20 to 100 users

- PON port rate of 1G EPON is 900 Mbps, supporting 64 ONUs. Normal distance between OLT and ONU is no more than 10 km, supporting 64 ONUs. 32 ONUs can be supported if the distance is 20 km.

- Rate of c.LINK1.1+ master is 180 Mbps, supporting 63 terminal CPEs.

Rate of c.LINK1.1+ master is 800 Mbps, supporting 128 terminal CPEs.

Line loss of between c.LINK system master equipment and terminal equipment is acceptable within 20 ~ 60 dB. and the distance is usually 250 m.

Service Model

50M Bandwidth to Each Home Model

Broadcast Service: 80 frequency points, using 1550 HFC broadcast platform, 40% for SD, 50% for HD and 10% for 4K.

Interactive video service 28M bandwidth: VoD/IPTV video service uses 1490/1310 platform. SD VoD requires 4M bandwidth, HD VoD requires 8M bandwidth and 4K VoD requires 20M bandwidth. So 1 HDTV + 1 UHTV, 3 HDTV or 2 SDTV + 1 UHTV can be on demand at the same time.

Internet access service 18M bandwidth uses 1490/1310 data platform running OTT service and HD video meeting. Usually 10M/8M bandwidth is required. Increase upstream bandwidth and Internet access bandwidth reaches 18M.

Application Situation for Six-Floor Building (40-50 users)

One c.LINK1.1+ master can fulfill the bandwidth requirement of this service model.

One PON port of OLT supports 1 ONU/1 c.LINK1.1+ master covering 1 building (50 users).

Equipment Configuration: 1 ONU (1 Gigabit port) in the building, one c.LINK1.1+ master, one c.LINK1.1+ terminal per user home, 50 in total. In this situation, longest transmission distance between c.LINK master and terminal is no more than 100m.

Application Situation for High-rise Building (100 users)

As for this service model, one c.LINK1.1+ master can support at most 66 terminals; two c.LINK1.1+ masters are needed, and each master supports 50 terminals.

Equipment Configuration: rate of each c.LINK1.1+ master is 800M, 2 ONUs (1 Gigabit port for each ONU) and two c.LINK1.1+ masters are required to be configured and placed in the middle layer of the building. One c.LINK1.1+ terminal is configured for each home and total are 100.

In this situation, longest transmission distance is no more than 300m. Each PON port can support one ONU (1 Gigabit port) and one c.LINK1.1+ master. Two PON ports can cover a building (100 users).


100M Bandwidth Model for Each Home

Application Situation for Six-Floor Building (40-50 users)

Two c.LINK1.1+ masters can fulfill the bandwidth requirement of this service model.

Two OLT PON ports can support 2 ONUs/2 c.LINK1.1+ masters covering 1 building (50 users).

Equipment Configuration: Two ONUs (1 Gigabit port for each ONU), two c.LINK1.1+ masters and c.LINK1.1+ terminals in home (50 in total) are configured in the building.

Longest transmission distance between c.LINK master and terminal is less than 100m.


Mix and Replacement Solution of HPAV and c.LINK1.1+

Initial coaxial network keeps unchanged. Parallelly place c.LINK1.1+ master together with HPAV master or replace HPAV master, and then access mixer.

Replace HPAV terminal by c.LINK1.1+ terminal for the home whose requirement for bandwidth is more than 10M. Keep HPAV terminal unchanged for the houses which don't need high bandwidth.

As upstream channel of CDOCSIS is in the low frequency range, HPAV system and CDOCSIS system are not compatible.

As the picture shows, parallelly place c.LINK1.1+ master together with HPAV master or replace HPAV master and access mixer. Use initial coaxial network to upgrade access bandwidth for each home. To meet the requirement of more than 20M access bandwidth for each home, we can replace initial HPAV terminal with c.LINK1.1+ terminal.


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