2016 Vision China (Shenzhen) Yield Unusually Brilliant Results

source : Beijing11 Aug, 2016

On July 1st 2016, the VisionChina Shenzhen Exhibition had a perfect ending. As the leading enterprise of the Chinese Machine Vision business, LUSTER became the most shining star during the whole exhibition. 

The Ranger-E series from the German Sick Company are the fast 3D measurement and Multi-Scan cameras in the world, which embodied 35,000 fps (10m/s) and high levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance and field of view.

The product manager from the Germen SICK Company is introducing products to customers

The Canadian company, Point Grey also displayed its high resolution products in terms of VGA to 12M and all kinds of interface products such as USB3.0/GigE & POE/GigE/1394b/USB2.0/Camera Link. Besides, products like the most popular BLACKFLY Series, high performance Grasshopper Series, flexible Chameleon Series and the most compactable Flea Series were also presented by the Point Grey.



Point Grey displayed its full-resolution products from VGA to 12M

Recently, Teledyne DALSA released its new product PiranhaXL Series TDI line-scanning camera,which has high performance and different resolution options (2K/4K/8K/16K). Besides, the best-selling plane array camera, GeninNANO with its Turbo Drive Patent technology, which has 30W resolution and 850 fps is also the new product from DALSA. 


The Spark Series of the JAI Company also has good performance, which possess 20M resolution with 300 fps and 5M resolution with 250 fps.

The Illunis from American displayed its high resolution CMOS Camera, which can ensure high image quality under lowest dark current and maintain 4.2 fps in full resolution at the same time.

Illunis 7100 Camera (Left)             JAI 20M Camera (Right)

In terms of the most durable cameras, the Bobcat Series with 29M CCD cameras and the Cheetah Series with CMOS cameras of the IMPERX can be used in extreme conditions. Specifically, the working temperature range is from -40℃ to 85℃.

Apart from that, more high-speed cameras that can show better performance in industrial areas were also displayed in high-speed section of the exhibition. More details are as follows.

The Germen brand, Mikrotron has 2000 fps at million level resolutions. 

 (Right) The high-speed camera series from Canadian IO Industries has high resolution with 124 fps. More than that, with its high-speed and long recording device, CORE can provide 15T for data recording under the high-speed processing at 2240 MB/s.

The multi-camera vision system, VisionBOX, is one of the self R&D systems of the LUSTER, which can provide various methods of calibration, high speed and accurate measuring tools, as well as, efficiency process allocation. This functional system has been widely accepting by many electronic industries and quality testing businesses for several years due to its flexible, various and efficient features.

Independent Brand VisionBox Section

More than that, the accessories section is also the one of the busiest areas of the exhibition. From all kinds of lens like micro, shake-proof, CCTV, etc. to cable, filter, LQ detect module, LUTER showed its rich resources from domestic to international and also stand out by its optimum solution capabilities among others.

Many exhibition activities evokes lots of customers to join and discuss

Meanwhile, LUSTER also prepared different gifts and lottery draws for all visitors to join and to share the Onbooth speech and the Wechat news!

Mr Qu, the product manager from the SICK Company, is giving the speech about the working principle and applications of the world fastest 3D camera, Ranger E to the public. 

With the aim of providing high quality product and reliable customers serving, LUSTER has been devoted itself in vision industry for 20 years. Every member of the LUSTER will still concentrates on offering optimum solutions, qualified products and best services to all customers and pushes the development of Chinese machine vision industry to be stronger in the future.

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