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LUSTER become nLIGHT's Exclusive Distributor in China

source : Beijing14 Dec, 2016

Luster LightTech Group announced the cooperation with nLIGHT Corporation (nLIGHT) today. Luster LightTech Group become nLIGHT's exclusive distributor in China. Luster will provide sales and support for nLIGHT’s active and passive fibers for R&D and industrial production of fiber lasers.

nLIGHT’s active fibers offer some of the highest absorption specifications in the market which allow shorter application lengths. Even with this high absorption, nLIGHT’s fibers offer low photodarkening which ensures extended reliability and lifetimes. nLIGHT offers tailored fibers for applications ranging from femtosecond pulsed lasers to multi kW class high power CW fiber lasers. nLIGHT offers a broad range of mode matched passive fibers to optimize fiber laser components and delivery cables. 

Fiber Optical Component and Instrument Business Unit of Luster LightTech Group, as the leading distributor of high end fiber optic product solutions in China market for 20 years, has been actively involved in China’s fiber laser industry for more than 10 years and offers complimentary products in this space.

About nLIGHT Corporation 
nLIGHT manufactures next generation semiconductor, fiber lasers and optical fibers based on vertically integrated global operations. Learn more about nLIGHT at www.nLIGHT.net, and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Luster LightTech Group
Luster LightTech Group, founded in 1996, is now a high-tech company of 1,100 employees in China. Luster has been focusing on imaging and fiber optics for 20 years with distributed business and own R&D  products. For more information see www.lusterinc.com.

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