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Looking back at ANGACOM 2017

source : LUSTER Teraband07 Jul, 2017

ANGACOM 2017 has successfully ended! Thank you for all the participants who stopped by LUSTER Teraband booth. Hope all of you enjoyed the event and benefited a lot from LUSTER Teraband’s solutions.

LUSTER Teraband participated in the MoCA 2.5 standard press conference with MoCA Alliance. 

For LUSTER Teraband, ANGA COM 2017 was a huge success. One of the main objectives for Teraband this year was to demonstrate how innovative and friendly our products are and how Teraband can provide a total solution for operators, including FTTH RF Overlay – 1G EPON to 10G EPON solutions and MoCA Access & Home Network technologies. There was considerable interest from both existing and new customers.

See you next year!

To learn more about LUSTER Teraband, please visit our official website http://en.lusterinc.com/foan/new.html, email us at sales_support@lusterinc.com or call us at +86-10-52345483. You can also follow us at Facebook https://facebook.com/Luster Teraband 1996/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/Luster_Teraband for latest updates.

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