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2017 Marketing Summit of LUSTER Teraband Photonics Co., Ltd Ended Successfully

source : Luster Teraband19 May, 2017

2017 Marketing Summit of LUSTER Teraband was held at Yongji Hotel in Shanghai on Jan 13, 2017. Including Marketing and Sales team, managers of Support, R&D, Deliver Dept., the attendance was up to 120.

Top management team – Yates Yao, Wentao Wang, Yuanyuan Lu, Kun Wang and Chief Scientist Professor Rujian Lin attended the meeting and made speeches, recognizing everyone’s hard work in 2016 and proposing strategic direction and focus in 2017. 

Then, Jian Zhang, GM of LUSTER Teraband brought up strategic plan in 2017 and upcoming five years: focusing on building customized FTTB/FTTH ultra-broadband solutions for radio & television industry. 

Afterwards, managers from different departments started their annual summary in turn, discussed key issues and difficulties.

Colleagues actively brought up the questions and problems they met during the work and senior executives provided advice upon different situations. 

After specifying next year’s goal, middle management team signed letter of responsibility. 

Under the leadership of Yates Yao, everyone made a solemn vow: “We will continuously devote ourselves to creating high quality work to provide high reliable FTTx/H solutions and advanced products for CATV operators.”

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