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In 1996

On June 9, 1996, LUSTER was estabilished.

In 1997

Finished the world’s first more than 200km cable TV analog transmission project in Zunyi, Guangzhou.

In 2000

The Imaging System R&D Center was established. Became China’s first provider of online RMB gravure quality inspection system.

In 2002

Organized and promoted 40G optical transmission product solutions. LUSTER established strategic relations of cooperation with U2T, SHF, Teraxion and so on.

In 2007

The first online tipping paper inspection system was successfully released and got into the label inspection field. The first “LCD testing equipment (ICON)” was successfully released.

In 2008

China’s first RFID inspection machine was successfully released and a lot of machines have entered the label, tobacco and flexible packaging industry.

In 2011

LUSTER TeraBand Photonics first put forward the FTTH access network solution and has led the development of radio and TV industry.

In 2012

The project of “Stereoscopic Video Reconstruction and Display Technology and Device” which LUSTER have developed along with Tsinghua University was honored with the first prize of the State Technological Invention Award.

In 2014

The “µm-Level High-speed Vision Quality Inspector” project led by LUSTER, as a national significant scientific instrument and equipment development project, was officially launched.

In 2016

Based on 1550nm A Platform and CableTRANTM product c.LINK, launched a self-developed SuperTRANTM product EPON and formed a complete set of A+B platform access solutions.

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